Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halloween French Contest

Go the and sign up. Make a spooky Halloween scene in French and post your link here! Your scene can be on any recent topic, bonus points for scary!


  1. hi
    i canrt wait intill its halloween i think ill dress up as a zombie ha ha ha ha ha o
    only joking im dressing up a a witch and im coming 2 haunt u mr p BEWARE BEWARE RACHEAL THERE HA HA HA HA HA oh lol im really laughing out loud and im watching paul o grady i like last weeks one when he was cooking and that was ever so funny i was on the floor in stiches and i was really lol
    he's so funny

  2. hi reading the above makes me laugh lol i canrt beleive i was the only one tht commented i thought there'll be loads anyway the picture is really scary oooohhhhhh lol gives me the creeps lol