Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pirates at the Movies

How real are the pirates in films? What myths are portrayed? Do they use the right weapons? Do they have the right boats? Are their attitudes to treasure and fellow pirates correct?

Here are some suggested films, but you might find a different one! One problem - we have already looked at Pirates of the Caribbean so no using that one!

Cutthroat Island
Muppet Treasure Island
Magic Island
The Princess Bride

Don't fancy a film? Check out Ms W's book version of the task.


  1. Looking at that list of movie s it occurred to me that there hasn't really been a great realistic pirate movie produced! But I guess having the students looking at the realistic aspects of each one might enable t-chart work or something like that...

  2. @tamakitoday There have been some realistic pirate videos done by the History Channel, more along the lines of historical biographies though.

    Funny, some of my favorite movies are on this list. Also, I have a student named Wesley. I suppose he could grow up to be the Dred Pirate Roberts. (Unfortunately, he doesn't get the reference.)

  3. Some old movies are "The Crimson Pirate" and "Captain Blood"