Wednesday, June 18, 2008 Hall of Fame

Well done GoldRhino13.... and come on PurpleFish99!
And BrownCat50.... what have you done to your icon?


  1. Go Mr P, We at Tutpup think your blog is great and if you have any ideas about how to improve Tutpup for your students let us know via our Feedback form or give us a call in our London office on 0207 287 9974

  2. Hello this is Lucy and Moli from Tamaki Intermediate in New Zealand. Thank you for letting us know about your site. We really enjoyed the games.

    from Lucy and Moli
    Tamaki Intermediate
    Auckland,New Zealand.

  3. Kia Ora

    This is Victor and Douglas
    From Tamaki intermediate
    Thankz For letting us about Tutpup.Com

    We Thought it was a great and interesting game.

    Douglas And Victor
    Tamaki intermediate Room6
    New Zealand Auckland

  4. Kia Ora Aotearoa (although late here and I should be going to bed!)

    Glad you enjoy - look out for my top 3 each week! Nearly Suer break here, but I'm sure my lot will carry on as they seem addicted!